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Product Strategy | Industry Analysis

I’m a major dork. I love networking, I love software, and I love solving problems in healthcare and clinical trials. While my day job is ideating and testing new software products in clinical research, I am consistently exploring problems that could be solved with software across healthcare, product management, and even food trucks!

As a curious and user-centric product professional with a passion for customer stakeholder discovery, I thrive on engaging with users and cross-functional teams to ensure that product decisions are driven by the voice of the customer. My enthusiasm for end user discovery is met with a tactical skill set and engineering background that propels me to ask the right questions, break down problems effectively, and deliver quality insights.

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Laymen’s Lab Podcast


A clinical research podcast with a fresh lens. Hosted by Beau Balthazar Bruneau, this show breaks from the norm by featuring young voices and those recently transitioned into this field. Laymen's Lab is all about challenging the status quo with radical candor and honest discussions. Whether you're exploring career options in clinical research, seeking to learn more about the sector, or simply tired of the conventional chatter, this podcast is for you. New episodes every other week.

Clinical Trial Technology Landscape



I catalogued and categorized over 250 vendors in clinical research with over 900 products with a lot of help from my team at Florence Healthcare. This catalogue is filterable and searchable.

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HealthTech Investment Thesis





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